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Terms of Use for the websites

of FWW Fundservices GmbH,
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The following provisions govern the free-of-charge use of the information and services on our websites. Insofar as paid-use agreements have been concluded, the provisions set out in those agreements take precedence.

The content made available without restrictions to the public on our websites is exclusively intended for private use by individuals residing in Germany.

Important liability exclusions

Any investment in the investment funds mentioned on our websites fundamentally entails risks. Even a total loss of invested principal cannot be ruled out. All articles, data and forecasts published on our websites do not constitute an invitation to purchase or sell investment funds. They are certainly not a substitute for professional advice. No advisory or information agreements are concluded through the use of these websites.All stock exchange and economic information, prices, indexes, rates, news and general market data published by us are derived from reliable and prestigious sources. Nonetheless, we make no guarantee that the information provided on our websites is complete, correct and up-to-date in every instance. Therefore, we are not liable for any financial losses that could possibly result from the use of this information for purposes of the user’s own investment decisions. In particular, we assume no liability for content that is expressly designated as third-party content or is recognizable as such from the context. We are not responsible for ensuring that such content is complete, correct, up-to-date and lawful, and does not impermissibly interfere with the legal rights of third parties. The same applies to the content of websites that are linked to one of our own websites.

Copyrights, intellectual property rights

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the materials published on our websites (including texts, photographs, other images and sounds) either belong to us or were licensed to us for use on the website by the holder or holders of the respective rights. The materials published on our websites may only be used for private purposes by individuals residing in Germany, unless special agreements are made with us.

Miscellaneous provisions

The foregoing Terms of Use constitute the sole legal basis for the use of our websites, except when special agreements are made with us. By using our websites without objection, you acknowledge and undertake not to violate the present Terms of Use. Otherwise, we will be entitled to assert claims for damages against you.

If individual provisions would be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Any invalid provision shall be replaced by a substitute provision that fulfills the intended purpose of the invalid provision as closely as possible. The same applies in the event of any lacuna in the present Terms of Use.

Our Terms of Use are subject exclusively to German law.