The core business of our subsidiary FWW Fundservices involves the operation and licensing of data from the FWW® investment fund database. In this company, we not only gather and “refine” extensive quantities of investment fund data, but we have also developed numerous services on this basis, which are used by the financial industry, sales agents and individual investors. Thus, the FWW Group is an important, presumably even the most important multiplier when it comes to the dissemination of investment fund information in Germany.

Furthermore, we have developed new areas of activity as we strive to meet the needs arising from the legal requirements placed on the financial market and on the intermediaries operating in this market, by offering pioneering solutions to meet those needs, including the ever more stringent information obligations associated with sales of investment funds.

FWW® Investment Fund Data Licenses

In our FWW® investment fund database, you will find all relevant information on more than 31715 share classes.

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FWW FundListing®

FWW FundListing® offers an unimagined work load alleviation and minimizes the liability risks of providing investment advice.

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FWW FundStars®

Our FWW FundStars® product is a very useful and transparent analysis tool for analyzing investment funds.

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TiAM® - Trends in Asset Management

This quarterly print magazine addresses topics of current interest related to asset management, as well as trends in the investment fund industry.

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The portals fondsweb.de and fondsweb.at provide information on investment funds that are licensed for public distribution and can be purchased by individual investors, in terms of the minimum order volume.

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FWW® FoF-Analyzer

The FWW® FoF-Analyzer allows for detailed analysis of the German funds-of-funds market. It can be used to compare funds-of-funds, target funds and even entire sectors.

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FWW HeatMaps®

FWW HeatMaps® can be used to display and analyze more than 7,200 performance values per investment fund at a single glance.

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FWW Fundscreen®

As a web-based analytical software program for investment funds licensed for distribution in Germany, FWW Fundscreen® is a professional investment fund analysis tool.

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FWW® Web Applications

Under this service, FWW handles the production, maintenance and operation of database-supported web applications, as well as the programming of individual software components and specialized applications.

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