FWW FundStars®

The number of available investment funds is huge – We highlight performance, so that you can stay on top of things.


The FWW® investment fund database contains up to 1,500 data records each on more than 26,500 investment fund share classes. Reason enough to reduce this complexity by introducing an independent quality seal. After all, what use is the best investment fund data, if apples are being compared with oranges?

To separate the wheat from the chaff, we offer you a special decision-making tool, FWW FundStars®. For this purpose, we only apply selection criteria that are available for all investment funds, in order to achieve greater comparability.

Our rating system is based on the two critical indicators of return and volatility. These indicators satisfy the needs of the vast majority of our clients, who ultimately need to know what level of return can be generated, and what degree of risk must be accepted, with a given investment fund.

It is very important to us at FWW that we always remain independent of the investment fund industry. Therefore, we assign ratings to investment funds free of charge and independently of the corresponding fund companies. Our FWW FundStars® product is also used in the advisory systems of financial service providers and in media for the purpose of efficient investment fund selection.

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