FWW® Investment Fund Data Licenses

We research, structure, and categorize – as the foundation for successful investment fund sales

FWW Fund Data

In our FWW® investment fund database, we offer all relevant information on more than 35939 investment fund share classes. As a general rule, we do not rely on intermediate sources, but obtain all information from the investment companies themselves, so as to avoid defective data and delays caused by third parties. Furthermore, we do not impose any requirements as to the manner and format in which the information is delivered to us. That way, the investment fund companies have the greatest possible flexibility. In fact, they often utilize the data that we ourselves have processed and structured.

Under our FWW® investment fund data license, we only offer high-quality data that you truly need for your business. Day after day, in any desired format. That saves you a lot of time and money. Depending on your needs, we deliver the data either in raw form, which is to say, in the form of complex database records, or as ready-to-use applications that you can easily integrate into your own IT environment and consulting business, including your corporate design.

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