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fondsweb is a financial website with a clear focus on mutual funds, having attributed sustainably to the transparency of the German speaking fund market since its launch (.de in 1999, .at in 2004 and .ch in 2018). serves as an indispensable professional base – or is relied on as a trustworthy source for information on fund investments. As an on-line medium, is accessible 24/7 and free of charge for our users. The fund industry will find here various options for target-oriented marketing support, while at the same time minimizing losses due to non selective advertising.

The fund profiles have always been at the centre of information search on Here you will find detailed information on the retail and institutional share classes to get the full picture of the particular fund markets. is optimized for desktop, tablets and smart phones.

These portals pay for themselves, both through advertising sales and through the PremiumService (PSF), by which investment companies can clearly differentiate their investment funds from those of competitors. 

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