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Shortly after founding FWW, we introduced our investment fund on-line portal to the market. Our objective has been and still is to only offer information about investment funds that are licensed for public distribution and can be purchased by individual investors, in terms of the minimum order volume.

However, not only individual investors, but also investment advisors and institutional investors use and (the Austrian version of the portal was introduced in 2004). They also appreciate the quality and consistency of the information offered on these portals, as well as the superior navigation, which leads users quickly to the information they seek. These portals pay for themselves, both through advertising sales and through the PremiumService subscription (PSF), by which investment companies can clearly differentiate their investment funds from those of competitors on and

Subscribers of PremiumService receive the latest published information on investment fund prices, stock market prices and other data, as well as historical sales materials, tax information, fact sheets, marketing materials and much more. Therefore, the PremiumService is a target-oriented marketing channel for investment companies.

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